• Incredible experience and organization. Thanks for the travel to Real de Catorce, is something i really enjoyed. Wish you success.
    Jon Loredo
  • One of the best travels I've ever had. Swiming in Cuatrocienegas, watch the wonderful sky. Just Great! Uno de los mejores viajes que he tenido. Nadar en Cuatrocienegas, ver un cielo tan hermoso simplemente genial...
    Ari gomez
  • De los mejores viajes, aventura, amistad y compromiso, paisajes y lugares increíbles, me encanto viajar con Traveler's Mind y espero volverlo a hacer muy pronto.
    Miguel Morales

2 Near the airport and Blue Lagoon

Keflavík, Southern Peninsula, Islandia

This is not a conventional Icelandic home, we started off with Airbnb-ing 1 room and now we are renting out the whole apartment. We can in total host 16 people as we have moved to a smaller house i…

Doble rooms inspired for travelers

Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México, Mexico

3 Private rooms inspired for travelers in an thematic way with all services. 3 different kind of spaces for 2 persons who want to share experience with other travelers, take tours from the apartmen…

Buddha Eye Nepali Homestay close to the airport

Katmandú, Región de Desarrollo Central, Nepal

Enjoy a nepali Homestay and involve in the way of living in a very comfortable way